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Sunday Swerve: Canvas x awesame

Birthed from bass, with unprecedented energy, CANVAS creates musical experiences, rooted in bass, that blur genre lines. Her dedication to self expression and passion for bass sounds are infectious, inviting and unrelenting. Originally trained as a classical musician on euphonium, CANVAS utilizes her orchestral upbringing and love for diverse sounds to craft unique musical productions that transcend genre boundaries and boldly tip-toe on the fine line of innovative sound and noise. 

Her production style and stage presence are a breath of fresh air in the bass music scene, and something simply to be witnessed. It is no doubt that she is a rare talent, that consistently delivers music that touches the body, mind and soul for an all encompassing experience.

Join CANVAS as she takes you on an unforgettable journey through sound!

awesame (Sam Lawrence) is an Atlanta-native open-format DJ who seeks to represent the best of his city and the music scene at large. Not bound to any genre, his style is rooted in psychedelic complexity paired with the simple joy of dance. While he can adapt to almost any style, he is most comfortable playing the genres house, left-field bass, and trap/dubstep.