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Sunday Swerve - UUeird Takeover - 7/29: awesame x Shift Mojo

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Sunday Swerve live stream take over by UUeird featuring awesame and Shift Mojo!

awesame (Sam Lawrence) is an Atlanta-native open-format DJ who seeks to represent the best of his city and the music scene at large. Not bound to any genre, his style is rooted in psychedelic complexity paired with the simple joy of dance. While he can adapt to almost any style, he is most comfortable playing the genres house, left-field bass, and trap/dubstep.


----------------Shift Mojo------------------
Where words fail, music prevails. That's the driving belief behind Atlanta-based music producer/DJ Shift Mojo. Whether it's intricate percussion, driving basslines, or beautiful melodies, Shift Mojo's language is universal. Let the music wash over you and share a moment in cosmic history.